Rodeo Clown

Work-In-Progress Showing

Join us as the team behind Rodeo Clown complete their Borderville Creative Residency, supported by Flying Fruit Fly Circus and Creative Australia. A brand new work by some of the most creative brains in Australia.

The Rodeo Clown mantra goes – save the rider, save your partner, save yourself.

Rodeo Clown is a solo show exploring one of the most dangerous, traditionally male-oriented jobs on earth.

Squirt, the only female rodeo clown on the circuit and her partner, Skittles are a formidable duo. They are beyond brave. They are gladiators in the ring. They are hilariously funny. Then one day something goes terribly wrong.

This dark, physical comedy is a new Australian work by Nicci Wilks, Susie Dee and the writers of Caravan (Melbourne Festival 2017) – Angus Cerini, Patricia Cornelius, Wayne Macauley, Melissa Reeves.


Friday 23 February, 7.30pm
Saturday 24 February, 7.30pm


Borderville Theatre
605 Hovell St, South Albury


$15 Each

Companion cards accepted.


This show includes strong language and adult themes. We recommend mature audiences aged 12 years and up.


Co-Creators: Nicci Wilks and Susie Dee
Written by Angus Cerini, Patricia Cornelius, Wayne Macauley, Melissa Reeves
Director: Susie Dee
Performer: Nicci Wilks
Sound Design/Composer: Jethro Woodward
Lighting Design: Kofi Isaacs
Design Associate: Lindy Macauley
Choreography Consultant: Michelle Heaven

Rodeo Clown is a work in progress supported by Flying Fruit Fly Circus and Creative Australia through the Borderville Creative Residency program.

Thanks to HotHouse Theatre and the National Circus Festival for their support of this work.