Step into a world of wonder with Airborne, a breathtaking spectacle that combines the art of Flying Trapeze with the enchanting backdrop of the Gateway Village amphitheatre. Amidst towering silver arches, experience a realm without limits, where the boundaries of possibility are shattered as nine performers take to the skies, capturing the heart-pounding thrill of flight. 

Join a troupe of diverse artists in an aerial symphony that draws inspiration from endangered airborne species. As they ascend to the very edges of their domain, their gravity-defying existence ignites the imagination, featuring daring landings and a relentless quest for sanctuary. 

Against the backdrop of vanishing habitats, Airborne masterfully merges the realms of circus and environmental advocacy, creating a compelling narrative that echoes the urgency of our time.  A Good Catch return from a ten-week international tour with their award-winning work Casting Off. Don’t miss this chance to see this World Premiere at Borderville Festival. 


Thursday 14 December, 7.30pm
Friday 15 December, 7.30pm
Saturday 16 December, 7.30pm


Gateway Village Amphitheatre
Gateway Island, Wodonga


$15 Early Bird*
$25 Full
$22 Concession
$20 Student

Companion cards accepted.

*Early Bird offer ends 5pm, Wed 11 October


This is an outdoor performance and audience will be sitting on the ground. Bring a blanket or low chair. Patrons with tall chairs will be asked to sit at the back.


A Good Catch Circus was formed in 2017 to engage in intergenerational conversations from a feminist perspective and to experiment with the circus artform. Founded by Spenser Inwood, Sharon Gruenert and Debra Batton with dramaturge Alexandra Harrison, we have continued to work together ever since.

A Good Catch makes arthouse circus by questioning our embedded circus knowledge, continuing the legacy of innovative circus in Australia. We perceive the world through our bodily practices, including acrobatics, cradle, and flying trapeze. These training sessions cultivate conversations, produce ideas, and lead us to new enquiries. It is essential for us to follow the ideas as they develop, the process produces the show. 

“We disagree, we divulge, we digress, we listen and we change. Our process allows the physical connections that circus bodies share to flourish and to deepen our understanding of difference. We aim to experiment without fear of failure, without adhering to genre expectations, and with curiosity about what circus can be.”


Concept and Creative Direction: A Good Catch Circus: Spenser Inwood, Sharon Gruenert, Debra Batton
With performers: Aleshanee Kelso, Claire Bindolf, Jo Lancaster, Josie Wardrope, Sam Aldham, Simon Yates
Dramaturge/ Outside Eye: Alexandra Harrison
Lighting Design: Gina Gascoigne
Sound Design: Kirri Buchler
Costume Design: Clara Mee Yee Chan
Head Rigger: Beau Dudding
Documentation and Design: Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore
Stage Management and Rehearsal Documentation: Cosmo Polke
Producers: Cluster Arts
A Good Catch would like to thank: Creative Australia, Circus Oz, and Flying Fruit Fly Circus